Visit to Universal Studio Hollywood


Just returned from Los Angeles. On 30th August we went for two days tour to Los Angeles and Universal Studio Hollywood. Since it was Labor Day so Vickie had a long weekend. When I was
planning to go to USA Vickie had told that during this tour he will take me to Hollywood and Las Vegas. We had planned that on Saturday we will leave for Los Angeles and come back on Monday.

Since many years I use to hear the word Hollywood. It was always in my mind that it is a very big thing to visit and see Hollywood, I never thought that one day I would see and know about it so closely and nicely. Actually I was very curious about it and when Vickie asked me to choose between two, Universal Studio Hollywood and Disneyland, I choose Universal Studio Hollywood. We didn't had enough time that we could see both. Both were time taking job, I mean both the places had many things to see and all takes time. So, Vickie booked the ticket of Universal Studio Hollywood.

We planned that we will leave Fremont early in the morning, since it was Labor Day weekend, if we leave late, we will be trapped in the traffic. Early in the morning at 5o'clock we left for
Los Angeles. Up to Irvin we went smoothly but after that we were really trapped in the traffic. From Irvin to Dana Point, where we had to go first and where Anu's uncle lived, took about two hours to reach and at 2 p:m we were at Dana Point.

We went straight to Dr. Mohan Roy's (Anu's uncle) house. He has a very big and beautiful house on the beach, with fantastic view facing Pacific Ocean. One can spend hours there, watching the view.

After lunch we went to the beach and after spending hours there we came back. Anu and Vickie had fun and I also enjoyed and took some nice pictures.

In the evening Dr. Roy and Dr.Mrs. Roy took us to Dana Point Harbour and for a nice Chinese dinner. After dinner every one sang on karaoke. Anu and Vickie sang a nice song.

In the morning after a long session of talk and nice breakfast we left for Universal Studio Hollywood. We were told that it will take at least one hour to reach Universal City. We crossed the down town of Los Angeles but I was not eager to see it and we went straight to the Universal City.

I had heard that Hollywood is written on one of the hill, so when we came near we started moving our neck and at last we saw that. Now we were sure that we have reached Universal City because a huge gate could be seen with UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD on top of the gate was written. Now I was exited, at the gate we had to take the ticket for parking and after that we went to the huge parking from there we had to take the elevator. Now I thought we have reached the main studio because there were no gate there.

Now INOX AND AMC theater could be seen, from there we went straight. Both the sides were full of nice souvenir shops and snacks shop. Now I thought where is the studio, just then I saw a huge iron globe type thing revolving and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS was written on it. Now I thought we have reached the studio. But again we had to turn and saw another gate with Universal studios Hollywood written on it.Till this point every one can come but beyond this you need to have entry ticket.

We had to produce our entry ticket here and after that we entered the main studio. After entering the very first thing we noticed was horror show written on a building. Anu was interested to see it and so was Vickie. Anu asked me was I interested watching it or not and after seeing my interest three of us went to watch it.

The building it self looked like the building we use to see in horror movies. The very first thing I noticed there was written, live artist can come in front of you, please don't touch them, they will also not touch you. As we entered it was all dark and Vickie was going with two people who is scared of living in the house alone at night. Three of us hold each others hand and started moving in the dark. The music of horror movie was going on and we were moving. Really it looked like we see in horror movies, the artists entering the cave. Anu was very scared, any how we were moving. Really the live artists were coming in the way, some like ghosts, some dead body was also seen in the cave. As we were moving one dead body which was hanging in a polethene bag came in front of us and touched our body, off course it was not a real one. Anu screamed, even I was also scared, any how we moved. Anu use to close her eyes when ever she was scared. Any how we came out of the cave, dispite our fear we enjoyed it.

After the horror show we saw a very interesting cartoon show that is Shrek. It was 4D show that I had seen the first time. Oh my GOD, in this show the chairs also shakes, some water also came on our face. It was a nice experience.

Now we thought to do the studio tour first, so we went in the que for tram. They have plenty of trams, so our term came quickly and we got into it. The tram was equipped with television and a guide. The first thing she showed us was the stage where the famous program NBC shooting is being done. There were several stages like that, from there she took us to a wooden bridge. Here many films shooting was done. Here she showed us how the shooting is done, she even showed us by remote how the bridge is broken during the shooting. The clips of the films those were shooted there were also shown on the television. Now we went on the bridge and from there we passed through the place where several cars were kept. Those cars were used in famous Universal Studios movies and the name of the movies were also written there. The clips of the movies in which those cars were used were also coming on the TV screen.

Now we went to see the most interesting part of the studio and that was the blowing of the cars which are done in the movies. It was amazing, we could not imagine that in the movies what we see is done this way. First the guide explained us and as the remote was pressed the cars went up, oh my god, it was on the jack in the air. We saw how the fire blows the car. From there we went to a place where shooting of a flood is done.

Now it was the tern of how the shooting of big cities done. All the sets of big cities, parks etc. was there. The stuntman were there to show the stunts. We saw all the sets of serials which are now a days famous and most popular. All the sets were natural and looked beautiful.

After going through those sets we entered the special effect studio, the tram went inside it. It looked that we have reached the metro train station. On the left train track could be seen and at the right was the set for water. Here we really saw a nice special effect, the special effects of train, water, ambulance etc. is given here in the movies.

As our tram moved a lake could be seen on the right and a big shark was also seen in it . The guide told us and on the TV screen also we could see that the shooting of many movies were done there. Then came the set of sea, I was so shocked it was a big screen of sea and we saw on the TV the clips of the movies those were shooted there.

We moved from the sea set and now we were shown how dead body after murder was kept in the car. From there we moved to the set of a plane crash.

Now the tram returned from the studio, we were very hungry so first of all we decided to have some food. After food we had to go to the lower level of the studio because we wanted to see the Mummy Show.

We had seen the movie The Mummy few days earlier, so when I heard about the Mummy Show I thought it will be a show similar to Horror show so I was very excited to see it. We again went in the que, it was very big. Now Anu told me it was a ride. I am very afraid of rides, but any how I pretended to be brave. I had no option other than flee away from the line. Then I saw a lady much older than me, so I tried to be brave and sat on the seat of the ride.

The ride had four seats in a row. Vickie sat in the corner then after that Anu,my self and a girl sat beside me. I was very afraid what will happen, I asked Vickie how to hold and hold it tightly. As the roller coaster entered the cave I was very scared, so I did not speak a word till it was finished and we returned back praying to Bajrangbali(god). When Vickie use to ask mummy are you ok, I could only say yes.But when we returned back it was a nice feeling.

Now it was already 8:30pm and we were very tired so after seeing the archive we returned back by then it was 9pm. When I sat in the car I was very happy that I saw such a nice thing. While returning we were talking about it but after some time when it came in my mind that I have my flight tomorrow I became sad.

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