Haridwar Yatra


After Vaishnodevi and Patnitop our next destination was Haridwar.So, from Patnitop we directly went to Jammu station and boarded the train. On 15th May morning we were in Haridwar. We came out of the station to take a taxi but saw very few taxis there and when we enquired about it , people told us that there was a sant sammelan there from 15 th-17 th May, so the scarcity of taxi was due to that. All the hotels and ashrams were also full and the roads were also diverted. Now since there were no taxis available there , we had to take auto. With the help of Shweta's nanaji I had booked rooms in an ashram so we went to the ashram. Haridwar was very crowded because of sant sammelan and Budh Purnima.Now after settling down in ashram we decided to take holy dip in Har Ki Pauri because it was Budh Purnima. I went and asked Swamiji how to reach Har Ki Pauri, he told us that it was near but will have to go by foot, we were tired but any how we had decided to take dip so we went on foot and reached there.

We saw people taking dip where ever they were getting place, but I wanted to take dip at the cetnre of the bank where arti is performed in the evening.We were not able to locate the place because of crowd but after little search we reached there. We took the dip and by now we were very hungry, so we went straight to the ashram because swamiji had insisted us to take lunch in the ashram.We had nice lunch there and after that we took rest. In the evening we went to see ganga arti which starts at6 p:m everyday.

As we reached Har Ki Pauri again it was too crowded, people were sitting there from 4 p:m for arti. We saw everyone taking polythene sheets, it was for sitting purpose so we also took and went to search a place where all of us could sit together, after search we got that, but it was in the back. By the time it was 5:30 and the whole bank was full, people were pushing each other and the volunteers were trying to manage the situation. People were eagerly waiting for arti and the announcement was going on. At 5:45 it started drizzling, now people started getting up from there places, but no one wanted to leave the place. Now people used the polethene to protect themselves from water, now it started raining heavily and people had no choice other than to stand there and get wet or go back. Amazing, no one moved from there place, all were waiting for arti and asking each other what will happen if rain doesn't stops. People were anticipating that rain will stop and arti will be performed but the rain didnot stop and the pandas(priests) performed it near the doors of the temple and with umbrellas near the bank. As the arti ended the rain also stopped, as if it was only for that period only. Here we planned that tomorrow we will leave at 9 am for Massorie. The plan was that we(Mr. Rao,Kusum Rao,myself with Panditji and all) will join our friends at their hotel because due to traffic diversion it was not possible to pick us from our ashram.

My Google Visit


California is the biggest state of USA, and the weather of California is the best in the world. There are lots of things to see around bay area in California, but one should not forget to visit Google because it is an unique office. Yesterday I went to visit Google's office in Mountain View which is the head quarter of Google, with Ami(Anu's sister). I was told that you will come to know that you have reached Google.And that was true, I could make it that I have reached Google, because as I entered the road of Amphitheater Parkway I could see Google written every where.

First we went to the parking of 1600 Amphitheater Parkway visitors parking.The parking area was quite a big one, but we couldn't get the space to park and we moved on searching for the parking, but after 10-15 minutes search we couldn't get a single parking space there and we had to park our car some where else, but of course it was also Google's parking area, a little far from the building, where we had to go for visitors badge.

After parking we walked to the visitor's lounge, there Vickie was waiting for us. As we were going for our badge the first thing I noticed was, people having their lunch out in the sun,the whole ground was full of table and chairs, some tables had umbrella too.Vickie took the visitor's badge and we had to put it,after that Vickie took us to the cafe and told us to have lunch first.So we started our Google tour with lunch. The cafe was nice and full of people, varieties of food were available there, the arrangement was very good, people were sitting inside the cafe also. Without seeing this people can't imagine that there can be such a nice arrangement of food for the employees and even for the visitors in an office.It's a unique feature of Google.It's a very nice thing, employees don't have tension of cooking and bringing their lunch to the office.

After lunch we went to see the places where people work in Google. It was also different from other offices.Everyone was busy with their big -big computers.The unique thing was that every 50ft.they had micro kitchen full of snacks ,coffees, and drinks.So whenever you are hungry or feeling sleepy, just go in the kitchen and have snacks,coffees or drinks what ever you like.

Now when you eat you need exercise, so they have gymnasium also where they can go and work out and keep themselves fit.After lots of work you get tired, so there they have massage chairs where they can relax,they can play ,swim,and the most unique thing I saw was a napping pod. You can have nap there,but only for fifteen minutes with music,but after that you can't be in it,because it shakes and makes you up. But one unique thing I also saw,all were busy in their own work.Now it was 30'clock and Vickie had a meeting, so I returned back with Ami, but my Google tour was not complete, I will try to complete it in my other trip.

The Napping Pod



After our darshan of Vaishno Devi and Bhaironath we were very tired and even we were not in a position to talk to each other. So we decided to take rest and in the evening plan our further journey. So all of us went to our rooms and slept whole day.In the evening all were fresh, now all of us wanted to go for shopping, so after tea we went for our shopping and after our shopping we planned that at 90'clock we will leave Katra for Patnitop.

After our breakfast we left at 9 o'clock sharp for Patnitop, in two cars.Patnitop is a hill station in Kashmir at an altitude of 2024 m. across which the Jammu highway crosses. In winter it is covered by thick snow.Some of the main attraction of Patnitop, Kashmir are delightful picnic spots, magnificent views of mountains and Chenab basin. It is about 120 k.m from Katra, and about 112 km from Jammu, and from there Srinagar is about 200 km.Patnitop is amongst the best- developed tourist place in Kashmir valey.Here you can see an amazing dense forest of pine.There are number of tourist huts and dakbungalows, people come for picnic and stay here. People can trek, do skiing in winters, can enjoy many more snow games, they have the option of 6 holes golf course in summers and sight seeing in all the seasons.

When we left Katra town and came to the highway, by that time we were knowing many things about Katra and Vaishnodevi, but we were unknown to Patnitop and Kashmir rout, so we started inquiring about it from our driver. Our driver was a sardarji, so he started explaining us nicely in hindi. Since we were on the Shrinagar highway, two types of vehicles we saw on that road, tourist vehicles, and army's big vans and trucks.

After 25-30 km, both sides of the road was full of pine and pomegranate trees.As we entered the Kashmir the real scenic view started. Now the famous chinar and pine tree could be seen. Sardarji was telling us about each and every tree and places.When it was nearly 25 km,we could guess that now we are closer to Patnitop. Now the dense forest of pine and river Chenab could be seen. It was exactly what I had read in the books or seen in the movies. All of us were exited and watching the scenes we reached Patnitop. Now the driver stopped the car and told us that, it was the most famous spot of Patnitop. We got down, wow! what a nice garden and picnic spot it was, full of flowers and tall straight pine trees, we saw some stalls of Kashmiri suits, shawls and stoles in the garden, the most interesting thing was the stalls of Kashmiri costumes.

As we entered the gate of the garden we saw a stall just near the gate, and all of us went near the stall and quickly purchased some suits.I was busy in nice collection of kashmiri handicraft and when I turned back to see what others were doing, I found no one there, only Kusum(my friend) was there, I asked her about all of them and she showed me with her finger.Both of us laughed together, all were in kashmiri costumes and standing in pose, some had pot on the shoulder, some had hukka and some flowers too.The photo session was going on. Any how, it took at least an hour in that. After the photo session we had a look of the nice garden,it was woo!Now this we saw some more gardens and picnic spot and then went to see a famous Shiv temple.It was a very famous temple, I think all the visitors of Patnitop goes to visit that temple.Here again you have many stalls of kashmir handicrafts.Why should we leave those stalls untouched, so we visited those stalls and took some suits and stoles there too.Now we were getting late for Jammu because we had our train for Haridwar from there.We with our packets and smiling faces got into our cars. Now we told the driver to take us to some nice place for lunch because we were hungry and after that we will go straight to the station.


Fremont :23rd June

Since I am in USA I was very anxious to know about the
flood situation in Jamshedpur.I was going through all the news which I could get on the net, but I could get very few news, one news I saw on the net was that two crocodile and an alligator was missing from Jubli Park Zoo.It was the biggest news on Jamshedpur flood of that day, but I couldn't see the news that people were safe or not.What problem people were facing, but thanks to Mr. Subbu who sent some picture, and I could know the whole situation.

Jamshedpur Flood


Yesterday I got an email from Vijaya's son that Jamshedpur was flooded.Hearing this I was worried and in the evening I rang up to Panditji and knew the whole situation. The first phase of Vijaya Heritage, Jamshedpur was flooded and as people were saying it was the worst flood that they have ever seen.The whole first phase was flooded and water entered the ground floor flats.When I talked to them there was no water in the campus and now people were waiting for TISCO to restore electricity and arrange for water.Vijaya's Heritage is one of the posh residential societies of Jamshedpur and people started staying here since August1998.People would never have thought that this type of situation will ever come. When I enquired about the cause of the flood, people said that the gates of two of the dams in Orissa were opened since the dams were over flowing. When I asked, did the government inform about this to the administration, they said it was not.Now the Jharkhand government is blaming Orissa government.

Now let us see what government is going to do for this.

Rest Day


Yesterday I had a rest day.If my elder son hears this he will say" अरे ...तुम्हारा तो रोज ही रेस्ट डे होता है.Only I talked to my dear sister Binny today for three hours and one of the neighbour with his wife and small daughter came to meet us and had a nice time with the small charming girl.So I couldn't get time to do any thing.

Today again its a nice sunny day after two three days.

Jai Maa Vaishnav Devi


Yesterday Vickie was asking me about my Vaishno Devi trip.Last month I had a nice trip with my friends Kusum Rao &Ranjana to Vaishno Devi & Haridwar.We started from Jamshedpur on 13th of May for New Delhi by Purshottam and our picnic started from there (my friend Kusum gave this name for the trip).They were with their families, Panditji with Daisy Roshan and Rohit also joined us.We really enjoyed the trip .All of us had one extra luggage full of food and games. As usual train was half an our late but we had lot of things to talk about, we all were very happy and enthusiastic too.Oh, I forgot to tell you that one more family whom I met first time joined us for the trip.And introduction to that family took 15minutes and half an hour passed now we boarded our train.After settling to our seats first thing that was in demand was tea and we asked for tea to the waiter of the railway catering service.We had two types of tea,sugarless and with sugar because maximum people were above 40.After tea we had our breakfast and the real fun started from there.As I told you we had lots of games with us so public demanded games and we started with bingo(housie).All of us participated in the game.After two rounds of play people of our compartment started coming near us and after third round people started asking us "can we join"and some of them joined us too.Like this how the time passed we could`t imagine. Now we had South Indian lunch which my friend Kusum had brought on our demand.After lunch another session of housie started till tea. Now our LUDO session started in the evening.The dinner was pure Bihari Food.How the whole day went I couldn't imagine because when I travel alone I am busy with my SUDOKU AND BOOKS but I get bored.5:am in the morning on 14th we were in Delhi.We went to a nearby hotel which my friends had booked, we were there for whole day. In the evening we had train for Jammu,it was very nice train and had a nice journey till Jammu.At 7a:m on15 we were at Jammu station from there we took taxi for Katra .I had booked rooms for my self and for Kusum in a hotel so we took a car and Panditji with Daisy and children accompanied us,rest of my friends were P N B staff so they went in a car to their guest house.After taking bath etc.we had a plan to take rest because we were planning to take yatra in the evening.So in the evening when we woke up we were fresh and ready for our journey.

At 6p:m we assembled near the yatra counter from where the journey starts. There the first thing you have to do is take a parchi(slip) otherwise you cannot proceed for yatra. It is free but it is to check that how many people are on way.The shrine keeps watch that plgrims should not exceed the number.At 7p:m after security check we started our yatra by saying "Jai Mata Di ", the total yatra(journey)is of 12k.m and 2k.m Bhaironath all of us had a stick in our hands.Now by 9p:m we were at Ardh Kumari it is the half way to Vaishno Mata temple.

Last time when I had gone to Vaishno Devi we couldn't go through the cave so this time I had decided to go through the cave but seeing the cue I was thinking what to do.People told us that our turn will come in the morning, so we should first do the Darshan of Vaishno Mata and while returning we should go through the cave and do the Darshan of Ardh Kumari.Any how by the help of a kind military personale we could manage to enter the cave and we came out of the cave at 11:30p:m it was a fantastic feeling its amazing. Now we took some rest there ,everyone was hungry by the time and they had some food except me, because I had fast of ekadashi.When we started our Yatra again it was 12 at night,now all of us were tired I saw everybody was limping and I started saying jor say bolo "Jai Mata Di"now saying this all of us were recharged and our speed increased.Any how we reached the top off course limping at 2:30a:m.

When you reach the top it is said that you should first take a bath and then go for Darshan.There are many separate bathrooms for ladies and gents.We went there and after taking bath as I came out of the bathroom it started raining with thunder and lightning, near the bathroom there was only one shed and people gathered there but I couldn't get into the shed it was full, literally was standing outside in the rain for 15minutes after that any how I could manage to get into the shed children started screaming because there was no power,mothers were searching their children and it was a mess, any how the rain stopped after an hour and the power also returned back, now people were searching each other, it was very cold and people were shivering , I had my shawl in my bag so after the rain was over and we came out of the shed I took out my shawl and wrapped my self with it, here we were lucky enough because within 5minutes we all were together I thought Goddess is kind enough so everything is going on as we thought and planned except this rain. Now we went for cue here our turn for Darshan came after 15minutes and we had a nice Darshan .When we came out after darshan it was already 4:30a:m.

Now the third step was to go to the temple of Shiv which was atleast 25-30 stairs down and we were thinking should we go to that temple or not but everybody agreed and all of us went there.It was also a nice temple. After coming from that temple we had tea, now my ekadashi was over so I wanted to have something to eat but only biscuit was available there so we took that and continued our yatra for Bhaironath temple.Here we were knowing it that it was only 2k.m from Vaishno Devi temple so in spite of our tiredness we thought to take that yatra too.

It is said that without Bhaironath's Darshan Yatra is incomplete.Everyone was limping and after every 5minutes we were taking a little rest except two of the Roshan,Rohit and great Prasadji.He is the man who encouraged me to join the Yatra.First I was hesitating because just after three days of the trip I had my flight for USA which was booked earlier.Now I thank him for this wonderful trip.Now no one was in a position to move a little but even then Bhaironath wanted us to be there so we conquered the Bhaironath top saying" Jai Bhaironath Ki".After we reached the top we were now drained out, seeing the crowd we sat on a bench and started thinking now we can't have Darshan,any how we again went for cue.Any how we could manage to have Darshan.

Here interupting me Vickie asked "how the IDOL of goddess was found, and when, do you know that?"I replied him there is no idol only three" Pindies" of goddess " Kali Lakshmi and Saraswati" are there , he immediately replied me, for seeing only those Pindis people take so much of trouble and go there I laughed and said this is called ASTHA(faith)in our Hindu religion.

Half Moon Bay

Very nice and sunny weather in Fremont today.The sky looks really blue and clear .I use to hear that weather of California is the best.Now I can also say it.Its the ideal weather to stay.Today Vickie had planed to take me to Half Moon Bay and we could make it at 1p:m because it was Sunday and on Sundays usually people are very busy .It was said that after a weeks work people get weekend so that they can have rest ,but now you can say that after a weeks work people are off from their office work but not from work. They have plenty of work.Two days are not sufficient for their household work,so they are more busy on Sundays than working days you can say on weekend.Forget about rest,only a few people are lucky enough and they enjoy weekend.Yes, I was telling that at 1p:m we could start for Half Moon Bay.Its not very far from Fremont but takes about half an hour to reach there.Its a nice beach but when we came out of our car it was so cold and both of us had come in our summer dress only. Generally Vickie use to tell me to take jacket whenever we go out, but he himself was not knowing that the place will be so cold.People were enjoying there, lots of people were preparing for their camp.The entire camp area was full.Any way we stayed there for some time but the cold was not bearable and we could not stay for long time there.We saw stalls of fresh fruits and I took some cherry and we returned back home.Now I learned a lesson that always take a jacket or sweater with you whenever you go out in California.

My Third Post Fremot 4:15pm

Today I had a nice day working on my web page and Google doc.I had a nice feeling doing a creative job.I learnt so many things while designing my web page.

My Second Post -Fremont 10:30pm

Yesterday Vickie told me that Shweta was telling him that I should write something because I travel a lot.It appealed me and today I decided to write during my travel what I did so that I can remember it .After years you really enjoy going through your experiences during your travel.You meet so many people and gather so many experiences.But I tell you one thing my dear CHILDREN I travel because of you.You encourage me to travel and secondly I know you people don`t have so much time that you can spare for me thirdly I MISS YOU people and can`t live without seeing you people for a long time.

My first post

Just checking whether blogger works...more to come