A Humorous Person


Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur(my husband) had a good sense of humor. One of his colleague's second name was Khare. The telephone was on my husband's table in the office, whenever a call came for Mr. Khare and people use to ask Khare hain(is Khare there), he use to answer baithe hain(I am sitting).

Mr. Balmukund Choudhary was one of the closest friend of my husband. His mother also stayed with him. She was an old and innocent lady and we called her kaki(aunt). When ever we went to Mr. Choudhary's house my husband use to go first near his mother,take her blessings and talk to her. She also liked him very much. One day she told me, "he is a great man, never hurt him". After that she told me" do you know why I am telling this?" I just shook my head in no, then she said, "no one wants to talk to old people and he sits near me and talks to me for hours, so he is a great person."All of us laughed, including my husband.

One weekend we went along with my sister Binny to visit Mr. Choudhary. When we reached at the gate my husband told me," you just wait on the gate, let me go with Binny first. After a while I will ask you to come". I asked him, "why", he told me" just for five minutes, you will know". I waited there but not on the gate but behind the door of the living room and from a hole I could see kaki. He entered the door and went straight to kaki. She was sitting in the living room. He first touched her feet, my sister also touched her feet. Now he asked kaki about her health, he use to ask whenever he met her. Then he asked which daughter in law loved her now a days, she laughed at it. She was answering all the question but I could see kaki's face, she was looking at Binny surprisingly. Then my husband asked her," how is my wife looking today?"She has to say something, so she said alright. I could see her face, she was not happy. Now I could not resist my self and I entered the room. At once smile came at her face and said,"you were fooling me, here comes your wife and she laughed. All of us with her laughed a lot.

Once we went to a reception party. The bride and groom were sitting on a stage, people were in que and going one by one to wish the couple. One gentleman who was just in front of my husband turned and looked at his face. In return my husband just smiled and wished him saying namastey. The gentleman also said namastey and turned. After a while he again turned and asked Mr. Thakur, "do I know you,where did we meet"? Mr. Thakur didn't knew him but he said" in the flight". The gentleman again turned, and said, "but I have never traveled by flight". Now my husband said "then must be in train", now the gentle man said no, " I don't remember, but I am a doctor."Hearing this my husband at once replied, "that's why, you are a doctor and I am a director, so we must have met some where". Now that gentleman new that he was joking, so he smiled and turned back.

Once I was with my husband and elder son at my parents place. That time my elder son was too small and sometimes in the night he wanted to play with his father. One day the whole family went to sleep but my son did not sleep till late night , so he was playing and both of us were also talking and playing with our son. When my son slept my husband went out side and came back and we also slept. I got up on screaming of my sisters and rushed to their room, it was just beside my room. I was the first one to reach their room, after that my parents also came. I entered and switched on the light and saw both my sisters legs were tide together with a string their hair were also tide together. So they were screaming. Now we opened the string and they were free. All of us new who must have done it, so all of us laughed and went to our rooms. When I entered my room I saw my husband was also smiling.

My younger sister-in-law is married to an army personal. We went there to attend the marriage few days before her marriage. After marriage one fine morning my newly married brother-in-law was in his room and we were having tea on the veranda of his room, my mother-in law was also there. We were relieved after the marriage so we were discussing about it, Mr. Thakur was knowing that his brother-in-law was in his room, so he purposely told his mother,"God knows how Dada(he use to say Dada to his father) chose this boy, we even don't know he is a capt. or not. My brother-in law was capt. at that time, now he is a brigadier. After some time I went to my brother-in-law's room and was talking to him, he showed me some photographs including one with his uniform and said it is for you and Lallanji(my husband) and he pointed the star in his uniform. I understood why he gave me that photo and told him don't mind he was just joking.

When my son got admission in IIT Delhi my Brother-in-law was posted in Delhi as Lt. colonel and we went to meet them.When we reached, my sister-in law and children were in the house and my brother-in-law was in his office. After tea we were standing in the balcony and waiting for him to come. After few minutes my brother-in-law came in his uniform and as he entered the balcony Mr. Thakur said,"today I knew you are really an army officer". All of us laughed and went inside the house.


Guddo's corner said...

Didi ,
I know there are numerous incidents like that ,when LPT made all of us laugh .I miss him !!!!
Didi how about the one happened with Soni didi in the Bus with the Bengali co worker of LPT !!!!

Bal Mukund Choudhary said...

How it started

I happen to be one of those, who are deeply interested in Indian Musical & Cultural world. Though I did not remain a student studying our own beloved language Maithili, but in my grown-up years I developed my deep inclination to my own mother tongue Maithili and also with the Mithila culture. Nevertheless, I used to play on Dholak since my very early childhood (my ancestors used to say to me since 5-6 yrs of my age, I don’t remember) and I had, perhaps an instinct of taking lead amongst my school mates in the musical area. As the times progressed,s I also made a progress in cultural field to some extent thereby receiving a few awards during my study days.

On joining TISCO, Jamshedpur, I, because my inner instinct, started looking for joining such group, which I could succeed in the year 1977, when I was induced in the Mithila Sanskritik Parishad. During my aggressive move to make life members of the Parishad, I used to approach mostly youth engineers, as I was also a young Elect. Engineer. That was the day, when I was introduced to Shri Lalan Prasad Thakur by one of my associates. Subsequently, Thakur Ji, seeing my inclination towards the cultural activities, used to invite me on his departmental safety dram shows. I had seen quite a few other safety dramas earlier, as I had interest in cultural shows and activities. But, after seeing the drama written, directed, produced and also acted by Shri Thakur Ji, it turned my mind to think some thing differently on the safety drama. I was then concentrating myself to witness Thakur Ji’s drama most, as all were being shown in a noticeably high standard. Those used to be quite different than the stereo types, which all other dramas used to be. The stories written by him used to have such nice and interesting that the viewers had no option than to remain spell bound during the play. Every viewer was enjoying each moment of the activities by the artistes and the highly effective dialogues. The entire show of his productions used to keep viewers spell bound forgetting even the natural calls as well. This was the beauty of his production, which no once else had to my best knowledge. It is needless to say here that only his drama used to be on the top list every year in TISCO. Thus, his potential in this area was clear and visible, which I observed. This was the start of our closeness.

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