Memories That Recharge You


When your children are grown up and well settled you feel very proud and at the same time vacuum comes to your life, specially if you are people like me. You don't have any responsibility left and then when you remember those days when you were growing your children, it makes you some times sad but mostly it recharges you, those memories are very precious and that is the reason people repeat those incident. But I feel very sad when people ignore old people and laugh at them when they tell the story about their children and other experiences. But this happens with mostly every one.

In 1978 my elder son Bhaskar got admitted to his first school, named "Little Angels School," which was in Adityapur, it was near my house. At that time he was only three and half years old and my younger son was one and half years old. The school timing use to be 8:30am to10:30am. Everyday my husband while going to his office dropped him to the school and I use to pick him at 10:30.

At that time we had just shifted to that place and I did not had any helping hand too. My husband use to leave the house at 8:25 and come back at 1:20pm for lunch and again he had to leave the house for office at about 2:10pm. Between 8:25am-1:20pm I had lots of work to do.

Once my husband lost his watch and my watch also stopped working, so we had to depend on radio for time. In the morning about 7:00am we use to switch on our radio and we had to depend on that for time and do our work accordingly. After 9:30 there was no program, so I had to do my work with out knowing the time. After my husband went to his office I had to get ready my younger son first, so that he sleeps on time and before 10:30 he gets up.

One day my younger son slept late so I waited for him to wake up for about 5 minutes, even then he didn't woke up, so I took him in his sleep and went to bring my elder son. I was going very fast and I was not even looking any where, only I was looking forward. When the road ended I turned on left, that was my rout. As I turned I heard my sons cry and at once stopped there. Now I could see him, he was crying and running very fast towards me. Actually I was very late and when all the children went his teacher took him with her and was coming to drop him. She was coming by the parallel road but I could not see them. My son thought I was going somewhere else, so he started crying and was running to catch me. His teacher was telling him to go slowly and not run but he was very fast. I stopped there, when he came to me I asked him, "why were you crying I was coming to take you," he immediately answered, "because I thought you were leaving me and going with Vickie some where". I felt very guilty that day and in the evening when my husband came we went and bought an alarm watch first. After that I was never late.

My younger son Mayur got admitted to Rajendra Vidyalay Jamshedpur. It is one of the best school of Jamshedpur. My elder son was studying in D B M S English School, Jamshedpur at that time. He use to go with his father and come back by 1:30 pm,but younger one had his school bus. The bus stand was near but some one had to go to bring him home.

One day I sent Panditji( he is a part of my family,he is like my son) to bring Vickie(my younger son) from the bus stand and was waiting for him, after one hour when Panditji didn't return, I was worried and as I was to go, I saw Panditji coming alone. When he came he told me that the bus had not come yet. Now I was very worried because it was too late. That time I didn't had phone also, nor any of my neighbors had. I was thinking what to do, I was helpless. One idea came in my mind and I told Panditji to stay with my elder son and I got down from my flat. I thought I will take an auto rickshaw and go to the school or go to my husband's office and from there we will go to the school. As I was proceeding towards auto stand, I saw a rickshaw coming towards me and I could see a small boy sitting on the seat alone, but when it came nearer it was Vickie, my son, all alone on the rickshaw. He was smiling but I was very upset seeing him coming alone. When I asked him what happened, he told me that the bus had break down. Very few children were left in the bus, because it supose to be the last stoppage, so the conductor arranged rickshaw for those children. When the conductor saw me coming he showed Vickie and went with another child, so seeing me he was smiling. How could he know, how much worried I was. These memories will always be with me.

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Very touching. Keep them coming!