Millions of people of Mithila were involved in a drive for inclusion of Maithili language in eight schedule for years. In 1981 millions letter were sent from all over India in postcards by Maithili speaking people to the Prime minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi in request.

Maithili speaking people of Jamshedpur also participated in that drive and sent postcards to the Prime minister. A cultural programme "Sankalp Diwas" was also organized by my husband Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur. That was the first musical programme of Mr. Thakur in Jamshedpur. It was a Maithili musical night on orchestra. Its lyrics was composed by Mr. Thakur and the music was also directed by him. He was the main singer of that program. Before that I had not seen any Maithili orchestra, even the opening song was also written and sung by Mr. Thakur. The song was composed on 10th May 1981 :

"संकल्प दिवस गीत "

संकल्प लिय संकल्प लिय
संकल्प लिय यो ,
बाजब मैथिली मिथिलाक लेल जियब यो....
संकल्प ......... 2।

शांतिमय प्रयास हमर ई
सुनिलीय देशक नेता...३
सूचि अष्टम में स्थान दियो
आरो नै किछु कहब यो ....
संकल्प .....२

लाखक लाख पत्र जाइत अछि
आंखि खोलि क देखू ...३
आबि गेल समय इंदिरा जी मिथिलाक मान राखू ....३
संघर्ष बढ़त जं बात ने मानबै
आरो ने हम सहब यै।
संकल्प .......3

-लल्लन प्रसाद ठाकुर-



My mother-in-law use to say there are two most important festival now a days, people have forgotten other festivals. The number one is "Wedding Anniversary" and second one "Birthday" and we use to laugh. It is true, but now, these are the days on which people get chance to celebrate and organize a get together. People think celebrating festival is a waste of time, some say those days people had time, so they use to celebrate so many festivals. It is a fact that people had time those days but even now people can spare at least some time.

Now a days people have confined them selves, so the definition of festival have also changed. Festival means:" to celebrate and meet people to share joys". It makes people closer. Why people go to their homes or to their parents in festivals? They want to spend some time with their family and celebrate, so it is done in form of festival.

Now a days life has become so fast that people don't get time even to sit and talk to their family or enjoy with their family and children, neither they get time to have meals together. This is my feeling, must be I am wrong.

Today is 5th January and it use to be a special day for me. Every year since 1977-1992 I use to celebrate my husband's birthday on this day. In 1992 it was revealed that his birthday was on 5th February (Naraknivaran Chaturdashi) not on 5th January, since in the school register it was 5th January , so in all the official record it was 5th January. After that we use to celebrate on both the days. We use to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries by offering pooja and sweets and in the evening some close friends were invited.

A Mother And A Grandmother


Today I returned back to Jamshedpur. Today is a very special day for me, I became mother-in-law on 8th of December in 2003. My elder son Bhaskar (Puttu) got married on this day with Shweta, so today is their 5th Anniversary.I called them to wish on phone from the train, they are in Goa. I blessed them and prayed God to keep them always happy together.

Why is it called that a mother-in-law is "like a mother" or a daughter-in-law is" like a daughter". Why is it called "like"? Why this relation has to be proved? Why the daughter-in-laws are not comfortable with their in-laws? Same for in-laws, why can't they treat their daughter-in law like their daughter? It's a very sentimental issue for a mother-in-law. A girl who is born and brought up in a family who means everything for her leaves that house and comes to accept and live to a new family.

I have two sons but after their marriage I got two sweet, nice daughters too. I am saying with my inner heart, it's not that it is said so I am saying, I am feeling it. Both of them loves me and cares for me. I also love them.

But after your sons or daughters are married their are some expectations, at least for mothers. You expect a grand child but now a days no one has time so it is also planned. Some people give least or a last priority to it. But if you don't have your own child on time, you are missing a very precious moment. But now you can't force any one for any thing. Now every thing is personal.

A Letter By A Father To His Son

जमशेदपुर हमारे दोनों बेटों का जन्म जमशेदपुर में हुआ है। बड़े बेटे के जन्म के समय उसके पापा यानि मेरे पति पटना में थे। एक बार जब मेरा बड़ा बेटा भास्कर(पुत्तु) करीब दो साल का था तथा छोटे बेटे का जन्म ही हुआ था, उस समय मेरे पति जमशेदपुर हमलोगों से मिलने आए और एक दो दिनों के बाद जब जाने लगे तो पुत्तु अपने पापा को जाने नहीं देना चाह रहा था, बहुत मुश्किल से छुप कर वो गए। उनके जाने के बाद यदि कोई उससे कहता कि पापा ठग कर चले गए तो उसे अच्छा नहीं लगता और कहता नहीं ठग कर नहीं गए बोलकर गए हैं। उस ज़माने में फ़ोन तो बहुत कम लोगों के पास होता था, इसलिए चिट्ठी का ही सहारा था। पहुँचने पर उन्होंने बेटे पुत्तु को एक चिट्ठी लिखी जिसे वो सदा अपने साथ ही रखता था। यहाँ तक कि सोते समय भी वो अपने तकिया के नीचे ही रखता था। सो कर उठता तो पहले उस चिट्ठी को ही ढूंढ ता। वह चिट्ठी इस प्रकार है:
पुत्तु बेटे,पुत्तु बेटे, 
क्या करते हो लेटे-लेटे , 
पापा की आयी है चिट्ठी, 
मांगें हैं वो खट्टी मीठी। 
कहतें हैं वो रंज न करना, 
छोटे से तुम जंग न करना, 
मम्मी को तुम तंग न करना, 
कभी न छूना धूल औ मिट्टी, 
पापा की आयी है चिट्ठी। 
आते समय पापा लायेंगे,
तुम्हारे लिए निनी बू, नोनेंज, 
और आयीनन पत्ता।
निनी बू वो नाईस बिस्किट nice biscuit को कहता था, नोनेंज orange को कहता था तथा आयीनन पत्ता new dress को कहता था। जो तीनो उसे बहुत पसंद था।