Visit To Alcatraz and San Francisco


Today I went to visit San Francisco and Alcatraz with Anu and Vickie.Yesterday we had a party in our house, so we got up late in the morning. We were ready at 11a:m and left for San Francisco.San Francisco is the 4th most populated city of California and the largest city of West Coast. It is densely populated and is at the tip of San Francisco peninsula. The Bay of San Francisco is at the east, Pacific Ocean at the west and the most famous landmark Golden Gate Bridge is at the north. It was devastated by the earthquake and fire in 1906 but quickly rebuilt.

San Francisco is about 30miles from Fremont. We had a plan to visit San Francisco first and then Alcatraz, but we could not do that. Since we had our cruise for Alcatraz at 3:55, so we could see only Pier39 before going there. We board our cruise at 3:30pm from pier33 and it took about 15minutes to reach the Alcatraz.

Alcatraz is a cell house in an island near San Francisco, where some of the most notorious criminals of America were kept. It was the federal penitentiary since 1934-1963.The main prison block has iron rod gates in its 9x5 foot cells. The prison has its mess hall,library and isolation rooms.The disruptive and violent inmates were kept in the isolation rooms.Every thing is structurally intact.

Now it has got the status of National Park. It has rare flowers, plants, marine wildlife and sea birds.

After getting down from the cruise, we went straight to the information center. After taking informations went to see the Alcatraz prison, now a national park. First we went and took the set for audio tour, after taking we started our tour of Alcatraz.

It was a very nice experience to take a tour with help of audio. You have an audio set with you, so you get to know every thing, no need to ask.

Every thing was nicely preserved in all the rooms. Even the keys were also kept in its place. One time most sensitive and secured place where people never wanted to go has become San Francisco's most prominent landmark and tourist attraction.

Now we were about to finish our tour, Vickie told us
to hurry because the last cruise was at 6:30, so we
went straight to give the audio set. While returning we saw beautiful sea birds. We again board the cruise and reached pier 33.

Now we went to see the city. The city it self is very beautiful but the most beautiful and attractive street is the famous Lombard Crooked Street. One of the most crooked street of United States. It is a red-bricked road having eight curves with 27 degree slopes.

It was really very steep and long too, while going to the Lombard road. Then we went to the Crooked street. It has beautiful houses and in front of the houses beautiful flowers,and the road is in between. What a landscaping, what an architect.

While going through that road by car I was scared very much, so was Anu but it looked amazing when we got down and saw from there.

From Crooked Street we went to the Golden gate Bridge. The gateway ,here the bay meets the ocean. It was very windy even then we walked on the bridge. Now it was 9:00pm,so we returned back to Fremont.


tanul thakur said...

Oh My God!! Vickie Bhaiya has lost a lot of hair. Tell to get a hair transplant or something done, otherwise Anu Bhabhi would start feeling 'I'm not feeling lucky now'. :)

Vidya Mishra said...

OMG !!!! God Bless Anu. Vickie you were never like this ( Baldie??? ) Is it b'cos of Anu or Google ?? Or something else ??? Whatever.... thank god you are married!!!And we would not be stressful of asking parents to give their daughter to a BALDY ??
May be Bady has more money than us , who knows :)

tanul thakur said...

And don't forget to blog( and as often as this), when you go back to India. And, I miss you. And I love you lots. MUAAAHHH!! :)