Dhanteras And Yam Diya


Today is yam diya, we put a single diya at the back of our house at night, before going to sleep. Yesterday was Dhanteras, this day people add some wealth (dhan) in their account. They buy some gold silver or something for their kitchen.

Electoral Politics


Yesterday Raj Thakre got bail and Bombay is normal now. Now the Bihar is disturbed, the students those who returned from Bombay started agitation in Bihar. The anger is genuine but damaging the public property is not good nor it is the solution. All the train from Bihar are canceled. People are stranded on the station. What are their fault, those people who are guilty are enjoying and innocent people are suffering. These thing people should realize. By doing this they are not gaining any thing, instead they are putting innocent people in trouble. But this is the way of showing their anger.

One student who had gone to appear in the railway recruitment board examination in Bombay was killed by the MNS activists. He was the only son of his parent. Where this country is going?
The definition of leader (नेता ) is, one who leads. But now a days the definition of leader is, one who misleads the citizen. The leader should be selfless not selfish. But here every one is doing politics for his own benefit.

Electoral politics is not bad but not the road agitation. Now the politicians for their fame and to become popular, among innocent people and for their recognition have started agitation. They don't even think that the property which are destroyed during the agitation is also nations property. From doing this you are destroying your countries Properties, but for political gain they can go to any extend. Going jail is also a tool for recognition.

Dipawali A festival Of Light


Only a week left for Dipawali, the festival of light. Hindus pray Goddess of wealth Lakshmi, on this day. It is one of the important festival of Hindus. It is celebrated in all parts of India. In some parts people pray to Goddess Kali on this day.

There was a time when 15 days before Dipawali I use to be very busy in preparation for Dipawali. Every corner of the house was cleaned before Dipawali. Even a small small things were cleaned for Dipawali.Variety of sweets and snacks were prepared in the house, and I use to prepare it alone. Children and my husband use to be busy in crackers and diyas. My husband with my children planned which type of crackers: phuljhari, rocket, chakri, and bomb to bring and from where. After the crackers were brought, it was kept in the sun. So every one use to be busy and had jobs for Dipawali. All the new and old diyas were kept a day before Dipawali in the water and after few hours it was washed and kept for drying. The Dhanteras day which falls two days before Dipawali I use to take either a kitchen appliances or a silver coin.

On the Dipawali day I use to fast and since early morning busy in the preparation. In Tisco it is always working day on all the festivals but one can take leave on that day. So my husband always took leave on all the festivals especially Dipawali and Holi. I miss him a lot on those two days.

I do my Lakshmi pooja just after the sun sets and before that every thing should be neat and clean, so all of us use to be busy the whole day. The preparation of dinner was also done before pooja and kitchen neat and clean at the time of pooja. After my pooja the diyas were lightened and after the prasad the cracker session use to start and my children with their PAPA and Panditji use to be very busy till all the crackers were burnt and after that a nice dinner.

We always celebrated Diwali in Jamshedpur till 1994, with my children. I always remember those days, when we enjoyed a lot with small things and limited resources. Now I don't want to stay in Jamshedpur during festivals. I feel very lonely but if I am there people come to greet me, so I have to make some thing and that I don't like to do. On two festivals I am very depressed, Dipawali and Holy, specially when I am alone in Jamshedpur.

The Vote Bank Politics


Now a days when ever we switch on our television or take a news paper to read, a common news we see , either an major accident or a terrorist attack. Today an overfly collapsed in New Delhi at about 6:00 am crushing a bus. The driver of the bus was dead on the spot. The news says at least two people were dead and about 30 injured.The exact figure is not known. The government ordered an inquiry, as usual.

Again a breaking news I saw in the evening, the students from north India had come to appear for the railway recruitment, were beaten up by MNS & Shivsena workers.

The people can be so brutal? The students were beaten up by the gundas. They entered the examination centers and there they beat up the aspirants in Mumbai. Is this a free country? Is this called a democracy? In your own country you can not stay freely where you want? Are those people doing different, from what terrorist are doing? Are we not inviting our enemies? The thing which Pakistan could not do, is done by the so called secular parties.

Every thing is politically motivated. Very few people are there, who cares for the country or for people of the country or state and acts accordingly. Now people have become selfish, they can go to any extend for their benefit. They exploits the innocents for their own benefit. Day by day politicians for their own benefit dividing the country. They are applying the same policy what was done before independence by the British, divide and rule.

Since the election is near, so all the politicians are busy in proving the other party communal and own party secular. All for the vote bank. The opposition party is trying to prove that they are very much concern about the minorities and for their own state. The ruling party is also supporting them by not objecting it. They also have fear, that if they object they will lose those voters. Other wise those terrorist with political back ground would have been punished for their in human act.

To be continued............

Vijaya Dashmi


Today is Vijaya Dashmi, also known as Dashahara and Yatra. It is on ashwin shukla dashmi( the tenth day), a very auspicious day. Vijaya means victory, since it was on the tenth day of the month, so it is called Vijaya Dashmi. According Hindu mythology there are two story. First one is said that after nine days fight with demon Mahishasur, godess Durga, got success in killing him on Dashmi. So it is called Vijaya Dashmi.

Second one is that the great Ravan, the ten headed demon was killed by Ramachandraji on this day and before that Ramchandraji prayed and worshiped godess Durga for nine days, so the victory day that is tenth day is called Vijaya Dashmi.

It is actually a festival of victory of goodness over evil. This is a ten day festival and it is called Durga Pooja or Navratra. The idol pooja is mostly performed in the temple and by the societies of town, cities and in villages of Bihar, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh andOrrissa. In Gujrat people do Navratra and garba or dandia during this pooja.

It starts on first day of Ashwin(month) shukla paksh and it is called kalash sthapan. This day a pitcher is filled with water and a mango and some other fruits top sticks with leaves which is called palav is kept in it. That pitcher is kept on the mud which is placed around the pitcher and the oat(जौ) is sprinkled on the mud. Every thing is placed and kept with chanting of mantras in a place where pooja is to be performed and that place is covered, that is called pandal. From this day the pooja starts and every morning path of Durga Shapthsati, arti etc. is done till shashthi. On shashthi (sixthday) vilwabhimantranam (विल्वाभिमंत्रनम) is done and in the evening the idol of Durga comes.

Now from Saptmi (seventh day) the idol pooja starts. Till Navami(nith day) every morning and evening pooja is performed with chanting of mantras and Durga Shaptsati path. People gather together for pooja in the pandals. On Dashmi the tenth day visarjan is performed and the idol is immersed in the water.

In Bihar especially in Mithila this festival is performed in each and every house and all the members of the family do the pooja and path. Some people do the kalash sthapan in their house and the regular Durga Shaptsati path, some do the navratra, that is nine days fast. but idol pooja is not done in the house.

During pooja every one is in festive mood and variety entertainment programme is also performed. After whole day engaged in pooja and work, people get variety of entertainment programmes.

Previously it was done for religious purpose, so the maximum money was spent on pooja, decoration was done but very little. Now a days lots of fund is needed for decoration and pandals people give a minimum priority to the pooja. Now it has become a prestige for the society and some powerful and influenced person too and it is increasing every year. Some poojas or the pandals are named after powerful and influenced person. Mostly there is a competition how much money is spent on pandal and programmes. For the fund in societies, a minimum amount is fixed. But in powerful and influenced person's poojas or pandals, a huge amount is given by the person whose name is involved and rest is forcibly taken by business men and resident of that locality.

Donation for pooja or for any purpose should not be compulsory or taken forcibly people should be free to give the amount voluntarily. Instead of spending so unnecessarily on decoration , people should collect and during the programme it should be distributed among the needy or give them some scholarship.

This time I am in Pune and here very few societies do this Durga Pooja. I did my navratra(nine days fast) as usual but this time I was not able to do elaborate pooja and the full Durga Shaptsati path. This time since I am on medication so my children objected for my fast but I did it and I was perfectly alright. In fact I had nice feeling and felt better during my fast. How can I explain them that this I do for their good health and prosperity and all the mother do these things for their children. I don't say that those mother who do not fast or do not do pooja are not concern about their children but this is me. I feel good doing this. I think, I must have done some wrong and doing fast and pooja I feel better.

Today after my pooja gave my blessings to Puttu, Shweta. Vickie, Anu called on phone to take my blessings. I also took blessings from my elders.

Wishing "Happy Dashahara" to all my friends, family members relatives.