Making Of A Video Film By Lallan Prasad Thakur


Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur's first Maithili play in Jamshedpur was Badka Saheb( big officer). This was the only play which he did not do in the banner of Mithilakshar, an organization formed by him. This play was staged twice in his direction in Jamshedpur.

Mr. Thakur joined Tata Steel on 20th September 1977, and he joined an organization called Mithila Sanskritik Parishad in Jamshedpur. Its Mahila Shakha, a women wing was formed and few months after the formation of Mahila Shakha some of the members of Mithila Sanskritik Parishad approached and requested Mr.Thakur to stage a play for Mahila Shakha. He had just completed the script of Badka Saheb, so he excepted the invitation. I use to go with him in the rehearsal everyday.

The rehearsal started, this was my younger son's first play as an child artist. I remember every day there use to be some problem. The major problem was lady artist but that was solved. I have seen several drama created by the organizers during the rehearsal of this play. Any how, the play was very successfully staged but Mr. Thakur had such a bitter experience that he decided not do any play for any organization. But at the same time he wanted to do Maithili play also.

Before Badka Saheb he had done several safety dramas for TISCO which was in Hindi. For Maithili he had no option, so with a group of artists he formed an organization called Mithlakshar(Natya Ewam Sangeet Sanstha) . The only criteria for the membership was, person should be interested either in drama or music. He or she had played drama or had performed on stage was not necessary. There was no membership fees, only interested person were the member of Mithilakshar.

After joining Mithlila Sanskritik Parishad Mr. Thakur came close to a very nice and gentle person Mr. Balmukund Choudhary, who later on became his one of the closest friend. After formation of Mithilakshar he suported Mr. Thakur a lot in management etc. Even sometimes he had to act in the play. He is a tabla artist but only Mr.Thakur could make him act in a play. Some times he had to play tabla and he was always kept as a stand bye artist like me.

"Aadi Wa Ant"( beginning or end) is Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur's last script of a play. This play was staged in Jamshedpur's Ravindra Bhavan and it was as usual very successful play and liked by the audience. After" Aadi Wa Ant" was staged Mr. Thakur wanted to do an experiment by making a video film. When he told me this idea I told him "how can you do this you don't have any experience about film making, you don't have any resources, even camera man you don't know who will work for you without money".He smiled and said, "wait I will do with the resources I have" and he started working on for the video film. He had to change some scenes and dialogues too. Most of the artist were the same, those who had acted in the play.

Loyola( B.Ed) College had two technician who use to shoot for their educational program. So Mr. Thakur approached them and they gladly accepted the offer but they said they don't know how to shoot a video film, they only shoot for the college and they had only one camera. Mr. Thakur with his blind supporter Mr. Choudhary convinced them and told them not to worry about it, he will direct them every thing and with one camera every thing will be done. The musician and makeup man were the same person who use to be with him in his plays. That time he had not seen a single shooting, the experience of film was zero and he was going to shoot a video film. He was in a leading role and he had to see every thing including direction and music direction.

The shooting was done on four five locations but the main shooting was done in one of our friends bungalow and the first scene started with bhratridwitiya (a festival of brothers and sisters). In the scene sister gives sweet to his brother in his mouth and the brother eats it, it is a custom of this festival. Since it was the first scene so it had lots of take, retake and the brother had to eat lots of sweets.

There were lots of events during the shooting which can be described but I am going to describe only few today. Mr.Thakur use to direct the camera man at what angle he needed the camera. In a scene Mr. Thakur had some important dialogues, so before going for his shot he explained the camera man and his assistant and went. During the shot the camera had to move but the camera man was not doing that and standing at a place and shooting. Mr. Thakur noticed that and during his dialogue delivery he started turning round his pointer finger. I was just behind the camera, I noticed it and immediately told the cameraman and he cached it. It was done in such a manner that no one can catch the movement of the finger. It looks like action needed for that scene.

There is a folk dance in that video film and before it starts there is an announcement coming in a news channel. Someone had to read that news so Mr. Choudhary was the news reader in that film and he had to read the news. For this shooting a hall was booked in an auditorium. The dancers, musicians, singers all were ready, Mr. Thakur use to sing also and he has written several songs, including the folk song which was in this video film. So after settling everything he sat with the singers and musicians. The news scene was the starting of the shots. So, the shot started with Mr. Choudhary, the news reader. When the shot was ready Mr. choudhary was called, every one was silent but as Mr. Choudhary entered for the shot and I saw him I started laughing and with me every one started laughing. Oh my god, he had to come in suit, for that he had gone to the dressing room but when he came he was wearing pyjama and coat with tie, he was looking so funny that all of us including Mr. Thakur and Mr. Choudhary himself laughed. Off course only the upper(coat) portion was coming in that scene. So after few minutes Mr. Thakur told everyone to be silent and the shot was taken. Even now while watching the movie, when I see that scene I laugh.

The last shot was taken in Jublee Park and that was for casting. This way the video film was made. Mr.Thakur himself did the editing of the film. Casting was also done by him. Now I have converted this film in DVD.


Bal Mukund Choudhary said...

I have never forgotton any single word of all the moments, myself and Thankur Ji had with us. Mrs. Kusum Ji has described it so nicely that it refreshes the memory. His very fisrt venture to stage a Maithili Drama and again the first venture to shoot a Video Film have been posted nicely. I, too, have several others, which I will share and post sometimes later.

So nice of you Kusum Ji that you are keeping my memory also alive.

Kusum Thakur said...

Thankyou, Choudharyji.

Pravin Choudhary said...

So nice of reading the story of Shri Thakur Jee whose play Mr. Nilo Kaka we also played in very early hours of my life, the child artist was myself - Nankirba - Oh! really it has given me a lots of courage to lead my life ahead today. I would love to get some more scripts of such a fantastic poet/dramatist. Please help me get the links where I can either find online or otherwise.