Back To India

San Francisco

The feeling of leaving your loved ones makes you sad, if you leave your son who is thousands of miles away from the country is very painful. This can't be described, it can be known by experience.

Today I am going back to India. Since last seven days I was very sad but I enjoyed a lot in Los Angeles and Universal Studios Hollywood.This time I don't know why, I have a fear that I will not be able to come to USA again. May be due to my health problem. My arthritis, which is yet to be confirmed, is it osto or rheumatoid? When I was leaving home Anu was also very sad. At the airport I was not feeling like leaving Vickie but after check-in I had to go for security check alone. Vickie was standing there in the back and I could see him. I was feeling that I was forcibly sent. Any how I went and till the end of terminal 45 Vickie was waving hand and I was looking back at him till he was visible. I went and sat on a chair and after 15minutes boarding started and I had no choice.

I was sitting on the window seat and feeling very sad, so when my aircraft took off I started looking from the window, consoling my self that I will come again soon. Now I could see the sky liner of San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge,The Rock(Alcatraz), the Harbor of San Francisco and tried to divert my mind.

This time I was very tired in the flight. Any how I landed at Indra Gandhi International Airport at 10:30pm Kapil came to receive me. Now despite my tiredness I was happy that I am going to meet Shweta and Puttu after five months.


Guddo's corner said...

Didi , its just Vickie and Anu ?? How about us ?? I know it happens when we have our families we tend to forget the extended families ( sister/ brothers.....) May be I am yet to understand ????
But didi.. you will come every year to USA , B'cos I am used to of spending summer with you .....
You have a bright future and long life ahead !!!!!

tanul thakur said...

And now you've one more reason( At least for two more years, as I know) :)

Kusum Thakur said...

yes that's true.