July The Lucky Month

Fremont(California) 21st August

I got married the very next day of my 16th birthday and I had just passed my 10th exam. After my exam I had come to attend my cousin sister's marriage which was on 2 nd of June and I stayed there for few days with my parents. Those days I was staying at Ranchi with my uncle, my father was posted at Arunachal Pradesh and had come to attend the marriage.I don't remember exactly what happened, after my cousin's marriage my uncle and my father went out from our village for few days. Sometime I use to hear talking my grand parents about my marriage. My grand father use to say," she should be married now and she has a very good chance of getting married, only Niloo(my cousin sister) was the hurdle, now she is married". I was not aware of any thing. On 11 th July my uncle came, every one was very happy.

My uncle came to me and said "I have fixed your marriage". When I heard this I was very sad, not for the reason I was getting married, I did not know what was marriage. That time I only knew that in marriage you get lots of new clothes and jeweleries. I was sad because in my school I had told my friends that I was going for my cousin's marriage, which was true. Now what will they think, I was worried about that.

My uncle again went in the evening, as I heard he went to bring the barati's. The whole family was busy in arrangement for my wedding. My parents, my grand parents, my brother, who was himself 14years old, was the busiest person, he was busy for the arrangement of loudspeaker etc. My sisters were very small to do any thing but they were very excited that they will wear new clothes.

On 12thJuly that is my birthday too, my father came. Now he explained every thing about how the marriage was fixed and what was the boy doing. I could only hear that the boy is doing his civil engineering and he comes from a nice family. Now I was happy, but why that I don't know. May be my father and uncles were engineer and secondly in the evening I got a new saree to wear. That was my first saree and I was wearing saree first time. One of my aunt(bua,father's sister) came and she tide my saree but after an hour I took it out and came in my original skirt blouse.

The very next day that was 13thJuly I got married. I had to stay in my village for a month to do the rituals etc. In the mean time my uncle got my admission in Nirmala College Ranchi. When I reached Ranchi all my friends got shocked and they teased me saying "you told us that you were going for your cousins wedding but you married your self". In my Intermediate science first year I was the only married girl in my class.

Every year on 12th July all my friends, my parents, my children my brother and sisters wish me and every year I expect that people will wish me on 13 th also but no one wishes me on that day. I don't know why? That day is still a memorable and special day for me and July is the lucky month for me

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