I am a regular reader of Google news and today when I logged in, I saw a very sad news. Ishmit Singh, winner of Star Voice of India is no more. He died in a swimming pool of a resort in Male, Maldives. He was there for a promotional event with a music company. I like musical programmes, so I use to watch Star Voice of India programmes also. I watched almost all the episodes of the show. He was really a good singer but I think this was his destiny. If he would not have won the title, he would not have gone to Male.

No one knows what is your destiny, when and how your end will come. People can think that they should not do the things in which they are not safe, but do they know what are those, where they are safe? No! It is yet to be discovered by the human being, no science or scientist has yet discovered it. It is almighty who knows everything, so people worship him.They worship God because of his power. Every person has a fear in them, some say don't hurt any body, try to be kind to others then there is no need to go to the temple, gurdwara, church or maszid. But he also has a fear, only the thing is he pretends to be brave, so he or she preaches like this.

Binny's Fear


On Sunday Binny called me, as usual I picked up the phone and asked her," how are you"? She started telling me that just now she saw a snake and she is in fear.When I asked her where she saw it, then she started telling me that she had gone in the garden to see and give water to the plants, there she saw a snake. When I asked her where she was, she said she was sitting in her family room on her recliner, I could hear the children laughing. Now she told me that the snake was a small one, as she saw it she threw the things she had in her hand and came inside the house. She called all her friends and neighbours but no one was available. Then she called 911(life emergency) and the operator told her that they can send ambulance for her if she needs it for snake she should call 311(wild life emergency), then she called 311 and they enquired about the snake, its size and color etc. Now she knew that for such a small snake they are also not going to come for her help and she called Hemji(her husband) from his office and was waiting for him. She was asking Neha to make tea for her, but I could make out she was in great fear.Children were making fun of her and she was asking Ashish to call Hemji again and tell him to come quickly.

First of all I told her to calm down because by now it would have gone some where else,but she was not ready to hear this. She said she is not going any where till Hemji comes. Then I passed the phone to Vickie and told her to talk to him. Now I started thinking about when she was a little girl, she use to have fear and it use to be worse in the night, when there was no power. All our brothers and sisters use to tease her for that. Once she was with us in Jamshedpur, we went to watch movie and Binny was also with us. It was a night show and by the time we came home it was 11:30. After we came back I went straight to the kitchen to arrange for the dinner, Binny went to the bathroom, my husband was changing his clothes, from the bedroom trying to change his voice he called Binny.Oh my God!She started shouting and ran out at once from the bathroom. She never use to go to the court yard or the patio alone in the night.She use to take someone and make them stand near the bathroom.

Today again in the morning Vickie called her and asked about the snake and he was making fun of her by saying that the snake has your photo in his eyes and he can't forget you. He will come again, so beware of that.This is Binny and her fear.

My Next Google Visit


Today I went to visit Google again, it has a huge campus with so many large buildings in it.So, one can't see all of them in a day. After my previous visit to Google I was so impressed with the kind of office Google employees have that I was very keen to see all the buildings which I could not see in my previous visit. Vickie had a meeting that day so we had to return without completing our visit. This time I was watching each and every thing nicely because in my first visit I was so astonished to see the office that I could not notice everything. This time again we had to park a little far, after parking as we were going we saw a basket ball court, some nice statues were also seen in between the buildings, now we had to cross the road for visitors pass. While going to visitors lounge we saw valley ball court. Billiard table was also seen in one of the floor, chess can also be played there. They have the facility so that they can play all types of games despite that all were busy on their computer.Really, after seeing this people from other organization would be jealous.

The concept of office is totally changed here, its all colorful and cheerful.This time I saw the napping pod very closely because it was vacant.I went near it and couldn't resist my self to enter it. I went in it to see how people feel inside it. It was very comfortable, and had a head phone inside it. This time also I couldn't visit all the buildings but saw many of them, now I am satisfied with the visit and returned back. This is one of the memorable visit of my US trip.

San Jose


On Saturday Vickie took me to visit San Jose. It is the third largest city of California and tenth largest city of USA. It is in the Santa Clara county and located in the Santa Clara Valley at the southern end of San Francisco, Bay Area known as Silicon Valley and360 miles north of Los Angeles. It is also called capital of Silicon Valley and was founded in 1777. From Fremont it is nearly 21 miles and it takes about 20 minutes to reach there, from Sanfrancisco airport it is about 38 miles and takes 41 minutes to reach there.

The compact downtown of San Jose is jam pact with good restaurants, art and cultural opportunities, night clubs and art galleries. In the evening it becomes more lively, you can see music going on live.Silicon Valley is famous for its micro chips, seeing this one can say, it is also for its entertainment.

The most famous and attractive thing now a days are malls, you can see many nice malls there. Vickie told me that there were nice and famous places for deserts, we went in one of them and had a nice desert there. I liked the city not because of malls but for its cultural activities.

Rehoboth Beach


On 4th July we went to Rehoboth Beach with Ashish,Neha, Anu,Binny and Hemji. Rehoboth Beach is a beautiful beach and wonderful place to visit. Rehoboth is a city in Sussex county and Delaware state it is about 140 miles from Baltimore, it takes about 2 hrs. to reach there. It is located on the Atlantic Coast only two hrs. from Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia.It is a beautiful beach and wonderful place to visit.Delaware was the first state of USA to enter the union.

In the morning Binny told us that we were going to Atlantic City, which is a beach, but finally she decided to go to Rehoboth Beach.We had a plan to leave Baltimore at 9 a:m but since it was a holiday so everybody got up late, so we left at 10:30. It was a nice pleasant day, Binny took lots of foods and drinks, because we were going for a picnic.All were excited and the first hour went on gossiping, now Neha and Ashish started asking how far it was.Non of us were knowning,so now we called Vickie to know the distance and he told it was far and it will take onother one hour. Now every one was feeling hungry, Ashish told to sit some where and have food and then proceed for beach. Finally we decided to take food on the beach.

Now by the time it was only 50 miles to reach but the traffic was so slow that it took two and half hours to reach and we reached there at 3:30p.m.Now all of us were very hungry so we went straight to the beach and had our lunch first. The beach was very nice and clean but it was crowded. After lunch Binny insisted to enjoy the water, so we went in it. I also enjoyed in the water with Anu, Neha, Ashish and Binny.

Now a days we never forget to take our cell phone with us.Binny also had her cell with her and she was so excited playing in the water that she forgot to take it out from her pocket.After playing in the water when she came back she saw her phone was all wet and it was not working. Binny was happy because she thought she will get a new i phone that was launching on 11 th, on her 20 th anniversary day.But she was very sad because she got only $20 phone from Hemji on her anniversary, poor thing.

My Visit To Stanford


I went to visit the prestigious Stanford University with Vickie on 28 June. It is recognized as world's one of the leading research and teaching institutions, located in the heart of silicon valley, Palo Alto,California. It was established in 1891 by the Governor of California, Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford. It is named in honour of their only child Leland Stanford Junior,who died of typhoid just before his 16th birthday.

Stanford University owns 8,183 acres(32km)of land. The main campus is bounded by EL Camino Real, Stanford Avenue, Junipero Serra Boulevard and Sand Hill Road in the northwest part of the Santa Clara Valley on the Sanfrancisco Peninsula.All the buildings of the university has red roofs and the campus is very big and beautiful. As you enter the gate you can see the mile long beautiful palm drive, palm tree-lined entrance to campus, connects Stanford with the neighbouring town of Palo Alto. We went straight through the palm drive and after parking the first thing we noticed was, a beautiful garden full of flowers and the logo of Stanford was made in the middle by flowers. Now from there we went to the Main Quaid, it has university's first buildings, constructed between 1887-1891. As we entered the Main Quaid, we saw a large number of outdoor art installations throughout the campus of the university.Bronze statue of Auguste Rodin are scatterd throughout the campus. The first one I saw was Burghers of Colois.It is the attraction for the visitors, taking pictures with the statues there. We also took some pictures there with the statues.

The Burghers of Calais

After spending some time with the statues and having some pictures, we saw the Memorial Church, which was behind the Main Quad. Here also we had our photo session and now we went to see the famous Hoover Tower.It is visible throughout the surrounding area, serves as a landmark of Stanford to faculty, students, alumni and the local community.It is named after US President Herbert Hoover.Here also we had some pictures, because all the buildings looks so beautiful that you need some memory that you visited such a nice place.Now it was time to leave but I will never forget that I had to take a photograph of Ami, Anand and Vickie four times, because Vickie thought that I was not taking the photo properly and to make sure that photo was taken properly I had to take it four times.We returned to Anand and Ami's house had a nice dinner and came back to Fremont.

Baltimore Trip


Yesterday I came to visit Binny in Baltimore. Binny my sister stays here, which is in Maryland state in east coast of USA. Vickie came to drop me at Sanfrancisco airport, I had my flight from Sanfrancisco to Baltimore via Las Vegas. It was 7 hrs journey including about 1 hr stop over at Las Vegas.In the morning at 6:45, I was at BWI(Baltimore airport), Hemji(my brother in law) and Neha(my sister's daughter) came to receive me. I was very happy to see her and she was too. I saw her after two and half years.

Once in winter I was with Binny in Delhi for a long period. Neha and Ahish(my sister's son) were very small at that time.Both of them wanted to sleep with me and I had no choice other than to sleep in the middle.I use to feel sorry for them because early in the morning I had to wake them.Neha was very close to me and she use to sit near me whenever she was in the house.She use to observe me and whenever she saw me sad, she use to do some thing to make me happy or call her mother to sit near me. She is very sweet and charming girl and I like her smile.