I am a regular reader of Google news and today when I logged in, I saw a very sad news. Ishmit Singh, winner of Star Voice of India is no more. He died in a swimming pool of a resort in Male, Maldives. He was there for a promotional event with a music company. I like musical programmes, so I use to watch Star Voice of India programmes also. I watched almost all the episodes of the show. He was really a good singer but I think this was his destiny. If he would not have won the title, he would not have gone to Male.

No one knows what is your destiny, when and how your end will come. People can think that they should not do the things in which they are not safe, but do they know what are those, where they are safe? No! It is yet to be discovered by the human being, no science or scientist has yet discovered it. It is almighty who knows everything, so people worship him.They worship God because of his power. Every person has a fear in them, some say don't hurt any body, try to be kind to others then there is no need to go to the temple, gurdwara, church or maszid. But he also has a fear, only the thing is he pretends to be brave, so he or she preaches like this.

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tanul thakur said...

Some food for thought. Nice! :)
The best or the worst part about destiny is you can't fight it. But, I have always believed in this which has kept my spirits high always:

' Every story has a happy ending. And if it is not happy, the story has not ended.'

Keep writing :)