Baltimore Trip


Yesterday I came to visit Binny in Baltimore. Binny my sister stays here, which is in Maryland state in east coast of USA. Vickie came to drop me at Sanfrancisco airport, I had my flight from Sanfrancisco to Baltimore via Las Vegas. It was 7 hrs journey including about 1 hr stop over at Las Vegas.In the morning at 6:45, I was at BWI(Baltimore airport), Hemji(my brother in law) and Neha(my sister's daughter) came to receive me. I was very happy to see her and she was too. I saw her after two and half years.

Once in winter I was with Binny in Delhi for a long period. Neha and Ahish(my sister's son) were very small at that time.Both of them wanted to sleep with me and I had no choice other than to sleep in the middle.I use to feel sorry for them because early in the morning I had to wake them.Neha was very close to me and she use to sit near me whenever she was in the house.She use to observe me and whenever she saw me sad, she use to do some thing to make me happy or call her mother to sit near me. She is very sweet and charming girl and I like her smile.

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