My Visit To Stanford


I went to visit the prestigious Stanford University with Vickie on 28 June. It is recognized as world's one of the leading research and teaching institutions, located in the heart of silicon valley, Palo Alto,California. It was established in 1891 by the Governor of California, Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford. It is named in honour of their only child Leland Stanford Junior,who died of typhoid just before his 16th birthday.

Stanford University owns 8,183 acres(32km)of land. The main campus is bounded by EL Camino Real, Stanford Avenue, Junipero Serra Boulevard and Sand Hill Road in the northwest part of the Santa Clara Valley on the Sanfrancisco Peninsula.All the buildings of the university has red roofs and the campus is very big and beautiful. As you enter the gate you can see the mile long beautiful palm drive, palm tree-lined entrance to campus, connects Stanford with the neighbouring town of Palo Alto. We went straight through the palm drive and after parking the first thing we noticed was, a beautiful garden full of flowers and the logo of Stanford was made in the middle by flowers. Now from there we went to the Main Quaid, it has university's first buildings, constructed between 1887-1891. As we entered the Main Quaid, we saw a large number of outdoor art installations throughout the campus of the university.Bronze statue of Auguste Rodin are scatterd throughout the campus. The first one I saw was Burghers of Colois.It is the attraction for the visitors, taking pictures with the statues there. We also took some pictures there with the statues.

The Burghers of Calais

After spending some time with the statues and having some pictures, we saw the Memorial Church, which was behind the Main Quad. Here also we had our photo session and now we went to see the famous Hoover Tower.It is visible throughout the surrounding area, serves as a landmark of Stanford to faculty, students, alumni and the local community.It is named after US President Herbert Hoover.Here also we had some pictures, because all the buildings looks so beautiful that you need some memory that you visited such a nice place.Now it was time to leave but I will never forget that I had to take a photograph of Ami, Anand and Vickie four times, because Vickie thought that I was not taking the photo properly and to make sure that photo was taken properly I had to take it four times.We returned to Anand and Ami's house had a nice dinner and came back to Fremont.

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