San Jose


On Saturday Vickie took me to visit San Jose. It is the third largest city of California and tenth largest city of USA. It is in the Santa Clara county and located in the Santa Clara Valley at the southern end of San Francisco, Bay Area known as Silicon Valley and360 miles north of Los Angeles. It is also called capital of Silicon Valley and was founded in 1777. From Fremont it is nearly 21 miles and it takes about 20 minutes to reach there, from Sanfrancisco airport it is about 38 miles and takes 41 minutes to reach there.

The compact downtown of San Jose is jam pact with good restaurants, art and cultural opportunities, night clubs and art galleries. In the evening it becomes more lively, you can see music going on live.Silicon Valley is famous for its micro chips, seeing this one can say, it is also for its entertainment.

The most famous and attractive thing now a days are malls, you can see many nice malls there. Vickie told me that there were nice and famous places for deserts, we went in one of them and had a nice desert there. I liked the city not because of malls but for its cultural activities.

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