Naina Devi Disaster


Naina Devi Stamped toll mounts to 145 , was today's headlines of Google news. Naina Devi is a temple in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. People from various parts were on pilgrimage to this temple, when this occurred. Mostly children and women were the victim. Since it was the auspicious month of Shravan, so thousands of people were trekking through the hills.

Cause of the stampede is yet not confirmed. Some news say due to heavy rush the cliff of the railing fell down and panic started, it was due to that. But exactly what happened is yet to be known. Now the people are bothered about how it happened, the inquiry is being set for that.No one is bothered about the victims, their family members, those who are alive. Is not our responsibility to think about them, and appeal for them? Instead of that, the news can be seen that postmortem report says the death were caused by asphyxiation, the postmortem report was handed over to the families of the victims.

Are those not the responsibility of the administration, should they take credit by doing it? Should not they think how those cause can be avoided, so that it doesn't occurs again.

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