My Next Google Visit


Today I went to visit Google again, it has a huge campus with so many large buildings in it.So, one can't see all of them in a day. After my previous visit to Google I was so impressed with the kind of office Google employees have that I was very keen to see all the buildings which I could not see in my previous visit. Vickie had a meeting that day so we had to return without completing our visit. This time I was watching each and every thing nicely because in my first visit I was so astonished to see the office that I could not notice everything. This time again we had to park a little far, after parking as we were going we saw a basket ball court, some nice statues were also seen in between the buildings, now we had to cross the road for visitors pass. While going to visitors lounge we saw valley ball court. Billiard table was also seen in one of the floor, chess can also be played there. They have the facility so that they can play all types of games despite that all were busy on their computer.Really, after seeing this people from other organization would be jealous.

The concept of office is totally changed here, its all colorful and cheerful.This time I saw the napping pod very closely because it was vacant.I went near it and couldn't resist my self to enter it. I went in it to see how people feel inside it. It was very comfortable, and had a head phone inside it. This time also I couldn't visit all the buildings but saw many of them, now I am satisfied with the visit and returned back. This is one of the memorable visit of my US trip.

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