Rehoboth Beach


On 4th July we went to Rehoboth Beach with Ashish,Neha, Anu,Binny and Hemji. Rehoboth Beach is a beautiful beach and wonderful place to visit. Rehoboth is a city in Sussex county and Delaware state it is about 140 miles from Baltimore, it takes about 2 hrs. to reach there. It is located on the Atlantic Coast only two hrs. from Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia.It is a beautiful beach and wonderful place to visit.Delaware was the first state of USA to enter the union.

In the morning Binny told us that we were going to Atlantic City, which is a beach, but finally she decided to go to Rehoboth Beach.We had a plan to leave Baltimore at 9 a:m but since it was a holiday so everybody got up late, so we left at 10:30. It was a nice pleasant day, Binny took lots of foods and drinks, because we were going for a picnic.All were excited and the first hour went on gossiping, now Neha and Ashish started asking how far it was.Non of us were knowning,so now we called Vickie to know the distance and he told it was far and it will take onother one hour. Now every one was feeling hungry, Ashish told to sit some where and have food and then proceed for beach. Finally we decided to take food on the beach.

Now by the time it was only 50 miles to reach but the traffic was so slow that it took two and half hours to reach and we reached there at 3:30p.m.Now all of us were very hungry so we went straight to the beach and had our lunch first. The beach was very nice and clean but it was crowded. After lunch Binny insisted to enjoy the water, so we went in it. I also enjoyed in the water with Anu, Neha, Ashish and Binny.

Now a days we never forget to take our cell phone with us.Binny also had her cell with her and she was so excited playing in the water that she forgot to take it out from her pocket.After playing in the water when she came back she saw her phone was all wet and it was not working. Binny was happy because she thought she will get a new i phone that was launching on 11 th, on her 20 th anniversary day.But she was very sad because she got only $20 phone from Hemji on her anniversary, poor thing.

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Vidya Mishra said...

its very nice but you didn't mentioned going down from iphone to $ 19.99 ordinary phone ??? B'cos of the emergency situation ...What a good way of cheating on 20th Wedding Anniversary !!!!