My mother in law was a simple nice and innocent lady.She had a nice smile, my husband was very fond of her smile. He was very attached to his mother and loved her very much. My children were also attached to her. My younger son Vickie use to hold her cheeks and say dadi maa(grandmother) you have nice cheeks, innocently she use to smile and say, its OK but don't do this in your school and all of us use to laugh.

Once she came to Jamshedpur to stay with us. When ever she use to come, my husband use to arrange for her complete medical check up. TISCO has a hospital(TMH) for its employees. Since he was in TISCO, he had the medical facility for his parents too. During her stay we had to take her to the hospital frequently for her investigations and tests, so I use to be busy with her.

Once during her stay, doctors advised her for some special investigation which has to be done in the operation theater, the test I don't remember, for that I had to take her to the new building of the hospital because the operation theater was in that building. At that time it was new, now it is old. It is a 5 story building, so obviously it has lift facility. I think that was the first building with lift in Jamshedpur except TISCO's general office building. My husband told me that he will join us in the hospital, so I took my mother in law to the hospital. The building where we had to go was little far, so from the gate till that building we had to walk.

As we entered the building , I took her straight to the lift, the gate of the lift was opened, so I told her to get inside and we came out of it on the first floor. I took her straight to the lounge and two of us sat there on the chair, after some time she got up from the chair and started moving around, she came to me and asked, "how we came here"? First I couldn't understand her, so showing the lift I pointed out "that way", but then she said no no, how we came on the first floor, then I could make it out. I explained her how we reached there, on the first floor. This was her first experience of the lift. Afterward she told me, she thought we entered the door for some tests and came out after the test was done, saying this she smiled and so I.

When my husband came he saw both of us smiling, he asked his mother why we were smiling. She innocently told the whole story. After this incident my husband use to tell all his family members how his mother got into the lift first time and she as usual use to give her beautiful smile. I miss her.

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Dr. Dhanakar Thakur said...

I have my own experience of first use of lift trapped in 1977 at the SER's Strand Road office..while going to Andhra Cyclone Relief I had gone there to have a vip berth..I have described in my autobiography..

I wonder id you are kusum_thakur, my sister-in-law!
You can have my blog if you seach on google drdhanakarthakur
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