Half Moon Bay(From My USA Trip 2008)

16 th June 2008 Fremont California

A very nice and sunny weather in Fremont . The sky looks really blue and clear . I use to hear that weather of California is the best. Now I can also say , its the ideal weather to stay.Today Vickie had planed to take me to Half Moon Bay and we could make it at 1 p:m because it was Sunday and on Sundays usually people are very busy . It was said that after a weeks work people get weekend so that they can have rest , but now you can say that after a weeks work people are off from their office work but not from work. They have plenty of work. Two days are not sufficient for their household work, so they are more busy on Sundays than working days, you can say on weekend. Forget about rest, only a few people are lucky enough and they enjoy weekend. Yes, I was telling that at 1 p:m we could start for Half Moon Bay. Its not very far from Fremont but takes about half an hour to reach there. Its a nice beach but when we came out of our car it was so cold and both of us had come in our summer dress only. Generally Vickie use to tell me to take jacket whenever we go out, but he himself was not knowing that the place will be so cold. People were enjoying there, lots of people were preparing for their camp. The entire camp area was full. Any way we stayed there for some time but the cold was not bearable and we could not stay for long time there. We saw stalls of fresh fruits and I took some cherry and we returned back home. Now I learned a lesson that always take a jacket or sweater with you whenever you go out in California.

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