Millions of people of Mithila were involved in a drive for inclusion of Maithili language in eight schedule for years. In 1981 millions letter were sent from all over India in postcards by Maithili speaking people to the Prime minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi in request.

Maithili speaking people of Jamshedpur also participated in that drive and sent postcards to the Prime minister. A cultural programme "Sankalp Diwas" was also organized by my husband Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur. That was the first musical programme of Mr. Thakur in Jamshedpur. It was a Maithili musical night on orchestra. Its lyrics was composed by Mr. Thakur and the music was also directed by him. He was the main singer of that program. Before that I had not seen any Maithili orchestra, even the opening song was also written and sung by Mr. Thakur. The song was composed on 10th May 1981 :

"संकल्प दिवस गीत "

संकल्प लिय संकल्प लिय
संकल्प लिय यो ,
बाजब मैथिली मिथिलाक लेल जियब यो....
संकल्प ......... 2।

शांतिमय प्रयास हमर ई
सुनिलीय देशक नेता...३
सूचि अष्टम में स्थान दियो
आरो नै किछु कहब यो ....
संकल्प .....२

लाखक लाख पत्र जाइत अछि
आंखि खोलि क देखू ...३
आबि गेल समय इंदिरा जी मिथिलाक मान राखू ....३
संघर्ष बढ़त जं बात ने मानबै
आरो ने हम सहब यै।
संकल्प .......3

-लल्लन प्रसाद ठाकुर-

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Bal Mukund Choudhary said...

It reminds me the old and golden day's memories of our cultural activities with Thakur Ji, my best frined. All the rehearsals and then the final programme everything came like a back-flash of the golden memories. As I thing, I find Lallan Ji's unparallel talent therein. He was a genious person. Despite being himself an engineer he had very high proficiency in witing, singing and composing potential.