My mother-in-law use to say there are two most important festival now a days, people have forgotten other festivals. The number one is "Wedding Anniversary" and second one "Birthday" and we use to laugh. It is true, but now, these are the days on which people get chance to celebrate and organize a get together. People think celebrating festival is a waste of time, some say those days people had time, so they use to celebrate so many festivals. It is a fact that people had time those days but even now people can spare at least some time.

Now a days people have confined them selves, so the definition of festival have also changed. Festival means:" to celebrate and meet people to share joys". It makes people closer. Why people go to their homes or to their parents in festivals? They want to spend some time with their family and celebrate, so it is done in form of festival.

Now a days life has become so fast that people don't get time even to sit and talk to their family or enjoy with their family and children, neither they get time to have meals together. This is my feeling, must be I am wrong.

Today is 5th January and it use to be a special day for me. Every year since 1977-1992 I use to celebrate my husband's birthday on this day. In 1992 it was revealed that his birthday was on 5th February (Naraknivaran Chaturdashi) not on 5th January, since in the school register it was 5th January , so in all the official record it was 5th January. After that we use to celebrate on both the days. We use to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries by offering pooja and sweets and in the evening some close friends were invited.

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