The Vote Bank Politics


Now a days when ever we switch on our television or take a news paper to read, a common news we see , either an major accident or a terrorist attack. Today an overfly collapsed in New Delhi at about 6:00 am crushing a bus. The driver of the bus was dead on the spot. The news says at least two people were dead and about 30 injured.The exact figure is not known. The government ordered an inquiry, as usual.

Again a breaking news I saw in the evening, the students from north India had come to appear for the railway recruitment, were beaten up by MNS & Shivsena workers.

The people can be so brutal? The students were beaten up by the gundas. They entered the examination centers and there they beat up the aspirants in Mumbai. Is this a free country? Is this called a democracy? In your own country you can not stay freely where you want? Are those people doing different, from what terrorist are doing? Are we not inviting our enemies? The thing which Pakistan could not do, is done by the so called secular parties.

Every thing is politically motivated. Very few people are there, who cares for the country or for people of the country or state and acts accordingly. Now people have become selfish, they can go to any extend for their benefit. They exploits the innocents for their own benefit. Day by day politicians for their own benefit dividing the country. They are applying the same policy what was done before independence by the British, divide and rule.

Since the election is near, so all the politicians are busy in proving the other party communal and own party secular. All for the vote bank. The opposition party is trying to prove that they are very much concern about the minorities and for their own state. The ruling party is also supporting them by not objecting it. They also have fear, that if they object they will lose those voters. Other wise those terrorist with political back ground would have been punished for their in human act.

To be continued............

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