Dipawali A festival Of Light


Only a week left for Dipawali, the festival of light. Hindus pray Goddess of wealth Lakshmi, on this day. It is one of the important festival of Hindus. It is celebrated in all parts of India. In some parts people pray to Goddess Kali on this day.

There was a time when 15 days before Dipawali I use to be very busy in preparation for Dipawali. Every corner of the house was cleaned before Dipawali. Even a small small things were cleaned for Dipawali.Variety of sweets and snacks were prepared in the house, and I use to prepare it alone. Children and my husband use to be busy in crackers and diyas. My husband with my children planned which type of crackers: phuljhari, rocket, chakri, and bomb to bring and from where. After the crackers were brought, it was kept in the sun. So every one use to be busy and had jobs for Dipawali. All the new and old diyas were kept a day before Dipawali in the water and after few hours it was washed and kept for drying. The Dhanteras day which falls two days before Dipawali I use to take either a kitchen appliances or a silver coin.

On the Dipawali day I use to fast and since early morning busy in the preparation. In Tisco it is always working day on all the festivals but one can take leave on that day. So my husband always took leave on all the festivals especially Dipawali and Holi. I miss him a lot on those two days.

I do my Lakshmi pooja just after the sun sets and before that every thing should be neat and clean, so all of us use to be busy the whole day. The preparation of dinner was also done before pooja and kitchen neat and clean at the time of pooja. After my pooja the diyas were lightened and after the prasad the cracker session use to start and my children with their PAPA and Panditji use to be very busy till all the crackers were burnt and after that a nice dinner.

We always celebrated Diwali in Jamshedpur till 1994, with my children. I always remember those days, when we enjoyed a lot with small things and limited resources. Now I don't want to stay in Jamshedpur during festivals. I feel very lonely but if I am there people come to greet me, so I have to make some thing and that I don't like to do. On two festivals I am very depressed, Dipawali and Holy, specially when I am alone in Jamshedpur.

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Guddo's corner said...

Didi ,
By grace of God and his blessing you have two sons .....as your light and colour of life !!!! Your strength ....
You should feel proud of yourself , and always should do those things which LPT always liked , admired and praised !!! He always liked colours , light and celebration in his life ......
So Enjoy life the way he wanted ....and enjoyed !!!!