Electoral Politics


Yesterday Raj Thakre got bail and Bombay is normal now. Now the Bihar is disturbed, the students those who returned from Bombay started agitation in Bihar. The anger is genuine but damaging the public property is not good nor it is the solution. All the train from Bihar are canceled. People are stranded on the station. What are their fault, those people who are guilty are enjoying and innocent people are suffering. These thing people should realize. By doing this they are not gaining any thing, instead they are putting innocent people in trouble. But this is the way of showing their anger.

One student who had gone to appear in the railway recruitment board examination in Bombay was killed by the MNS activists. He was the only son of his parent. Where this country is going?
The definition of leader (नेता ) is, one who leads. But now a days the definition of leader is, one who misleads the citizen. The leader should be selfless not selfish. But here every one is doing politics for his own benefit.

Electoral politics is not bad but not the road agitation. Now the politicians for their fame and to become popular, among innocent people and for their recognition have started agitation. They don't even think that the property which are destroyed during the agitation is also nations property. From doing this you are destroying your countries Properties, but for political gain they can go to any extend. Going jail is also a tool for recognition.

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