Back To Jamshedpur


I reached Jamshedpur at 12:30 am today and reached home at about 1:00 am. Panditji had come to receive me. I returned Jamshedpur after 5 months. I tried to sleep but could not, whole night I was awake.

Since morning I was busy in restoring every thing. My phone was in safe custody, so no internet. First I gave cheque to Panditji and told him to submit it as soon as possible, so he went and 10:30 the bill was submitted. Then I called Mr. Sunil Prasad (AGM,BSNL KADMA) he was in a meeting so he told me that the phone will be restored within an hour and really at 12:00 pm it was restored and he called me to tell. Now after that I was able to access my internet. My TV is not working, so I called the LG service center and they assured me that they will come tomorrow. So many bills and mails are to be checked. Whole day I was busy in going through the mails and bills.

Now I am tired too much, so I can't write much.

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