Bacha Kaka


Today in the evening when I logged on I saw a new blog of Dr. Dhanakar Thakur. He has mentioned that one of his village's old man died today. The name he has mentioned is "Achutanand "in his title but "again he has mentioned Achytanand ", so I was confused. I know that Bcha Kaka's name was Achutanand and his nick name "Santu" and he was popularly know as "Santu Babu" in Samaul and Madhubani. Bacha kaka was staying with his son Gogi at Ranchi that I knew, so I was worried to confirm the news. Gogi is the only son of Bacha kaka and is married, all four daughters of Bacha kaka are also married.

After reading the blog, I first called Poonam because Sallanji is out of station and told her to give a call to Sallanji. After that I immidiately called Dhanakarji and asked him about the death of Bacha kaka. He told me the detail and said that his son Gogi has taken his body to Madhubani. I don't have Gogi's cell number. So I am waiting for Sallanji. Once he comes, then I will call Gogi.

Bacha kaka was the youngest brother of Dadaji(my father- in-law). He has visited several times to my house when he was posted in Loherdagga. Kaki( Bacha kaka's wife) also expired four years before, just twelve days after Maa(my mother-in-law) expired. Now only Badki Kaki and Ranti wali Kaki are alive in their generation. May God give strength and courage to Gogi. Its not possible for me to go to Madhubani alone.

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