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California is the biggest state of USA, and the weather of California is the best in the world. There are lots of things to see around bay area in California, but one should not forget to visit Google because it is an unique office. Yesterday I went to visit Google's office in Mountain View which is the head quarter of Google, with Ami(Anu's sister). I was told that you will come to know that you have reached Google.And that was true, I could make it that I have reached Google, because as I entered the road of Amphitheater Parkway I could see Google written every where.

First we went to the parking of 1600 Amphitheater Parkway visitors parking.The parking area was quite a big one, but we couldn't get the space to park and we moved on searching for the parking, but after 10-15 minutes search we couldn't get a single parking space there and we had to park our car some where else, but of course it was also Google's parking area, a little far from the building, where we had to go for visitors badge.

After parking we walked to the visitor's lounge, there Vickie was waiting for us. As we were going for our badge the first thing I noticed was, people having their lunch out in the sun,the whole ground was full of table and chairs, some tables had umbrella too.Vickie took the visitor's badge and we had to put it,after that Vickie took us to the cafe and told us to have lunch first.So we started our Google tour with lunch. The cafe was nice and full of people, varieties of food were available there, the arrangement was very good, people were sitting inside the cafe also. Without seeing this people can't imagine that there can be such a nice arrangement of food for the employees and even for the visitors in an office.It's a unique feature of Google.It's a very nice thing, employees don't have tension of cooking and bringing their lunch to the office.

After lunch we went to see the places where people work in Google. It was also different from other offices.Everyone was busy with their big -big computers.The unique thing was that every 50ft.they had micro kitchen full of snacks ,coffees, and drinks.So whenever you are hungry or feeling sleepy, just go in the kitchen and have snacks,coffees or drinks what ever you like.

Now when you eat you need exercise, so they have gymnasium also where they can go and work out and keep themselves fit.After lots of work you get tired, so there they have massage chairs where they can relax,they can play ,swim,and the most unique thing I saw was a napping pod. You can have nap there,but only for fifteen minutes with music,but after that you can't be in it,because it shakes and makes you up. But one unique thing I also saw,all were busy in their own work.Now it was 30'clock and Vickie had a meeting, so I returned back with Ami, but my Google tour was not complete, I will try to complete it in my other trip.

The Napping Pod

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Choti Mummy, awesome work. Aap hi sahi hain!!!