Jamshedpur Flood


Yesterday I got an email from Vijaya's son that Jamshedpur was flooded.Hearing this I was worried and in the evening I rang up to Panditji and knew the whole situation. The first phase of Vijaya Heritage, Jamshedpur was flooded and as people were saying it was the worst flood that they have ever seen.The whole first phase was flooded and water entered the ground floor flats.When I talked to them there was no water in the campus and now people were waiting for TISCO to restore electricity and arrange for water.Vijaya's Heritage is one of the posh residential societies of Jamshedpur and people started staying here since August1998.People would never have thought that this type of situation will ever come. When I enquired about the cause of the flood, people said that the gates of two of the dams in Orissa were opened since the dams were over flowing. When I asked, did the government inform about this to the administration, they said it was not.Now the Jharkhand government is blaming Orissa government.

Now let us see what government is going to do for this.

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