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This is my 50th blog, since HOLI is approaching, so I am writing about one of my memorable HOLI. I use to enjoy holi but now I don't.

After marriage that was my first Holi with my in-laws. We went to Madhubani around three days before HOLI. Both my sons were very small at that time. As that was my first Holi at my in-laws place, so all brothers, sisters and cousins of my husband were prepared to play Holi with me and they had decided to put mud varieties of colors paints on me.

My brother-in-law(नंदोसी) and sister-in-law(ननद) were also there. Although my brother-in-law is a very cool person but both my sister-in-law were prepared with their friends to play holi with me. After knowing their preparation I was scared, so I thought it was safe to be with my mother-in-law in the kitchen.

On the festival day I got up early in the morning as usual, after tea got my sons ready for holi. Then took my bath and did my pooja. It is my habit to do my pooja early in the morning on the HOLI day and put gulal to every one in the house after that I start my special cooking for that day. Since I was in Madhubani, so my mother-in-law use to direct me and I use to cook or help her.

After my pooja I went to give my husband tea and put gulal to him. After tea he told me to be careful because no one will spare me today. Hearing this I decided to be in the kitchen with my mother-in-law, then no one will come in the kitchen.

I was busy in the kitchen, so when ever someone asked for me, my husband use to tell them or my brother-in-law told them I was in kitchen. Till 12O'clock this happened, only both my sister-in-law, my husband and my brother-in- law put some gulal on me. I was happy and at about 1p:m I thought to go and have bath again. As I came out of my kitchen the whole gang came and they put all types of mud, colors, paints etc. on me. I was helpless and I surrendered my self. After putting colors all went and told they will come in the evening to put gulal. Oh my god, it was smelling so bad that I went straight to the bathroom and had my bath.

After every one was ready we had our nice lunch and went to rest for some time. In the evening we use to wear new clothes, so all of us wore new clothes. My sister-in law, elder one came to me with a glass of thandai and told me to drink. I told her that I still feel the smell of mud and colors. I took that and while drinking I realized it was bhang. I told her I will not have that but both the sisters and my husband forcibly made me drink.

In Holi, people go to meet each other in the evening too, so people were visiting our house too. I was very tired, my husband told me to make roti for him, so I when I went in the kitchen my mother-in-law was also there. She told me even she wanted to have roti and went out of the kitchen. I took out wheat flour and started kneading it. I don't remember what I thought and happened to me. By the time my mother in law came I had put lots of water in the flour and was sitting there.As I saw her I went to my bed room and straight on the bed. After that I don't remember any thing.

In the morning when I got up and went in the kitchen, seeing me my mother-in-law was smiling. She told me to have some food. I thought what happened, why she was asking me like that? She then told me you did a nice drama in the night and told me the whole story.

She told me after putting lots of water I went on bed but after sometime she called me, but I didn't listen her, so my husband came in the room and when he told me to go I just refused and told him I was very hungry. "Maa didn't gave me anything to eat I was hungry since morning", so he understood that due to that bhang I was talking like that and called his mother even in front of her I saying that. Now my mother-in-law asked me to come in the kitchen and gave me a plate full of nice food and told me to give that to my brother-in-law and told me to take my plate too. I took only my brother-in-law's plate and went to my room and ate all. Seeing that my husband called everyone to see it. After I ate the whole food I slept.

In the morning everyone was laughing at me and saying have some food I must be hungry. My mother-in-law scolded my sister-in-law and even my husband for that. I always remember that HOLI.

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!